AWA’s Values

Mission, Vision and Promise

Our expertise in intellectual property supports the companies of today in building the prosperity of tomorrow.

We will be the first choice in IP for clients and dedicated people everywhere by developing the market – together.

We create intellectual prosperity.

Core Values

We see what could be and have the guts to go for it. Knowing IP inside and out, we turn it inside-out for untapped potential – challenging old habits, rewarding creativity, and investing in ideas beyond today’s abilities.

Ideas and creativity are limitless so why limit ourselves? Knowing that the next great idea can come from anywhere, we’re constantly chasing new perspectives – creating an atmosphere where everyone and every voice is priceless.

Loving what we do pushes us above and beyond what we think is possible. It shows not only in the end result, but in the whole process – boosting our creativity and productivity and fueling more joy. We let our energy and excitement show and encourage others to do the same.