Domain Names

Domain names are more important than ever for your brand and can often be overlooked as a digital asset that forms part of your intellectual property portfolio.

Dotkeeper – our domain name experts within the AWA Group provide clients with ongoing management and continuously develop your portfolio in line with strategic business goals.

Services include registration, monitoring, litigations, valuation and acquisitions as well as strategy. Experienced digital asset specialists can help you navigate the crowded domain space to secure top-level domains (TLDs) and local sites.

AWA and Dotkeeper understand the close link between domains and trademarks. We have launched an integrated management strategy for our clients that protects brands legally and digitally. This integrated approach defends our clients from domain fraud and hijacking.

Dotkeeper has extensive experience within domain disputes. We discover threats and help our clients handle them in an efficient, proactive and strategic way.

The safety of websites, portals and email is a priority and requirement for many of our clients. We understand your employees and customers want to feel safe when it comes to IT and can help you achieve this through our IT protection and security services.



Addtech – Global domain portfolio management and strategic advice for a listed group

Bubbleroom – Secure management and strategy for aspiring e-commerce to protect their brand growth legally and digitally

UC (Part of Asiakastieto Group) – Safe management of domains and SSL Certificates