Designs protect the visual appearance of a product. This includes packaging, patterns, computer icons and product shapes. Registration provides recognition, value and protection of your investment and hard work.

A design of a product is very often a decisive competitive factor, a way to provide a product with marketable qualities and strengthen its commercial identity. In many cases, designs represent large investments in time and money as well as substantial value

The conditions for obtaining a design right rest on novelty, individual character and an appearance not solely determined by its technical features.

Designs are becoming increasingly valuable, especially as a tool against infringers and copycats. Registration itself has preventative effects, combined with fast and relatively low-cost registration procedures means designs should always form part of your overall IP strategy.

AWA works with clients early in the design process, crafting and collaborating on design applications that will protect products from unauthorised commercial use and strengthening our clients’ competitive advantage in crowded markets.

Our qualified design attorneys apply their skilled knowledge to your product and help you to obtain the best possible protection of your product and/or specific features of your product. Our team has significant experience in protecting and enforcing designs in all jurisdictions and at every level.



  • Xiaofan Chen
    Partner, Patent Attorney
  • Arie Mout
    European and Benelux Trademark and Design Attorney
  • Charlotta Vink
    European Patent Attorney and Business Area Manager Materials, Mechanics and Manufacturing (Sweden)
  • Kristina Walls
    Group Vice President, Business Area Manager Sweden, Swedish Patent Attorney
  • Ulf Willquist
    European Trademark Attorney, Patent Attorney